The February Freeze

Hey! I know I have not posted in about 4 weeks, but with good reason. At first, we had some medical concerns in the family that needed our support. Then, more than half the country participated in the Famous February Freeze right? I know those of us in Texas suffered A LOT. There were days with no electricity, a decrease in water pressure if your home had water, while others struggled with no water at all for days. In Houston specifically-we went through a whole “boil water” stage too if you were even lucky enough to have running water in your home. Man, it has been a month to remember.

Feels like 3 degrees… THREE

I wanted to go play in the snow with my daughter and make use of the 0-3 months snowsuits we got her from Columbia and North Face, but it was such a bad idea. There was no way Cesar and I would be those parents that would risk our child getting sick “just to have fun” because it was about 9-15 degrees F outside, but without heat it was about 49-54 degrees F INSIDE. We went 3 full days without a house that had electricity in that type of weather with both snow and ice on the roads.

Avery had on a plain onesie and socks, then her sleep sack, her Columbia jacket over that, topped off with her Columbia snow suit and beanie. We had not been in a warm house for 2 days and then had to be outside to move to a house that did potentially provide warmth..

To say it was ridiculously cold would be an understatement. We had to “house hop” in order to get some type of heat for Avery. She struggled so much those 3 days without heat. See, babies at this age can only breathe with their nose. When she is eating, she’s actively sucking with her mouth, swallowing, and breathing through her nose at the same time. But the problem began when the cold, dry air made her congested that first day… feeding her was hard. She was obviously hungry and screaming to be fed. I’d put her on my breast and she tried breathing, but couldn’t get those hard, dried boogies out of her nose. She would latch on for about 5 seconds and then unlatch because SHE COULDN’T BREATHE.

Taking a small break from eating to calm down, cold inside the house day 1.

As a nursing mother, if you have ever experienced nursing a sick baby, you understand what Avery and I were going through. At first, I just sat there and cried because I couldn’t believe Avery couldn’t eat. I tried different positions to feed her, nope did not work. I tried squirting some breastmilk up her nose so that it could break up those hard boogers blocking her passages, didn’t work either. Finally, we figured a humidifier could fix our problem. But guess what? No electricity. So, we went to the next best thing: a steaming shower. I turned on the water in the bathroom as hot as it would go, took off all our layers, closed the door, and sat on the lid of the toilet. Within 10-20 minutes, she finally got those nasal passages cleared up and she stopped screaming! She successfully latched and was able to eat again. But imagine, I had to do this every single feed until we contacted one of our friends or family to see who had electricity and head to that house.

Getting read for yet another cold night after a super warm steamy shower.

We went from my mom’s house in Cypress to my in-law’s house in Katy, then to our house with our roommates Andrea and Rolando, back to my in-law’s house, and finally back to my mom’s house for the rest of the freeze because my mom’s house got stable electricity back first. My in-law’s house went without electricity for FOUR AND A HALF DAYS. They were so lucky to have a chimney and a grill because if not? They would not have been able to eat or have any source of warmth from Sunday- Thursday… But… Heat? A basic utility in what felt like single-digit weather? Non-existent. Texas was completely unprepared for this, and while I can vent for hours about the struggle of 99% of Houston, we just made the best of our situation.

Monopoly in the dark during one of the rolling blackouts for 1-2 hours.

My mom gracefully hosted 5 different families over the course of that week. We were so blessed to have gotten electricity back after that 3rd day. After getting some heat back on, we were back to cooking normally, playing loads of Monopoly, and enjoying hot showers in a well-lit room (finally). It was a luxury that so many people could not partake in.

Cesar and I did everything possible to keep our girl warm and happy. Because man, those 3 days without a heater on… was bad. Our trip to the cold-weather destination got cancelled, but it made its way to us, and we can definitely say we had the snow experience.

In her own nursery, a bear suit on top of a onesie and socks with 4 blankets on top of her.
We never ran out of water or had any pipes burst, but the water we did have, we had to boil. You can SEE the sediment or something in the water straight from the tap….

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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