How I use Facebook Market to make a living from home

I know I said that new blogs were going to be updated every Sunday, but I woke up this morning with a huge urge to write! So, I’d like to talk about how I am able to make a living while being a SAHM (stay at home mom). We all know that social media lets us reach out to a broader audience than just the people in our immediate circles and those we met at school or old jobs, and extended family. Not only do I use Facebook for its exceptional communicative purposes, but I use it to source product and sell those products. I only first came across Facebook Market when my mom told me to sell a desk for her a couple years ago. I had recently noticed that when I opened my Facebook app on my phone, it showed a new tab. I clicked on the tab and it showed me a list full of things being sold in my area. So when my mom asked me to sell something for her, I immediately researched how to sell something on Facebook Market, and within 4 days I sold my mom’s desk for $50. Looking back at it now, I feel like I hadn’t even put that much effort into the description of the product, the pictures posted, or advertising at all! After that I didn’t pay attention to that tab on Facebook until I needed it again in 2020.

This year Cesar and I moved out of my mom’s house around the time I was 6-7 months pregnant and moved into a house with roommates. Their names are Rolando and Andrea, a married couple, who had been friends with Cesar for more than a decade. Cesar knew them very well and assured me they were an ideal couple to live with during the first year of our daughter’s life. So, a couple serious conversations later, we decided to move into their newly bought house with them! The house is a 2-story 4-bedroom that they had completely gutted and renovated so everything was new and SUPER nice. We pay rent for our bedroom, 1.5 bath (our bathroom upstairs and half the guest bathroom downstairs) Avery’s nursery, shared living room, shared kitchen, and shared garage. Naturally with any new home and especially the joining of two families living in the same space, new things need to be bought and old things need to go. I thought it was RIDICULOUS that Cesar wanted to throw away a perfectly good couch and a perfectly functional dining table (with normal wear and tear and a couple scratches on it). So, I decided to go back to what had once made my mom money quick getting rid of her old furniture and listed the dining table and old couch. The dining table sold within 2 days and the couch sold within 1-2 weeks. Easy money.

Andrea and Rolando saw how easily we got rid of our old furniture and asked me to list their couch, a TV stand, their dining table, and an end table for them- and in return I would get a percentage of their profit. Boom, all 4 things sold within a month and everyone walked away with a profit in their pocket. All this selling of used furniture got me thinking: “What else can I sell?” and I went and cleaned out our room and kitchen from things we did not use or need anymore. 3 more things sold within the following 2 weeks. I was on a roll and it felt so good to make money from home while pregnant!

I remember looking down at the wad of cash I had in my hand at the end of the month thinking, “Is this really all mine? What do I do with this extra cash now?” and Cesar was so proud! So, I had a conversation with Rolando the next day and told him I honestly had no idea what to do now. I had sold everything in our house that needed to be sold and I was bored again. He pitched me an idea that jumpstarted my career in the secondhand market. He suggested I do 1 of 3 things, or do them all. The first idea was that I should advertise myself as a reseller for others trying to get rid of their things from home just like I did for them reselling their couch, TV stand, dining table, and end table. He suggested I set a price I would charge for doing that for other people or create a percentage that I would charge from their profit. Next, he said I should source product myself and sell it so that I get the full profit. And his last idea was that I should get into advertising and marketing from home. He wanted me to look into free courses online, YouTube videos, and books to get started marketing. Well, here I am months later having taken his advice, and it has made me more than $1000 in profit working from home!

I immediately began sourcing product locally. What I mean by sourcing is literally looking for things on Facebook Market that I wanted to go get and resell for a profit. I was VERY lucky to have found a lady who was desperately trying to get rid of years’ worth of Christmas decorations about 20 minutes away from me. She listed “Christmas stuff FREE must pick up ASAP” and I messaged her within 5 minutes of her having listed it. She sent me the address for pick-up and I started driving. Once I got there, I realized I may not have had enough room in my car to put all this stuff and take home. There was a 9-foot tall Christmas tree, hundreds of ornaments, Christmas wreaths, holiday candle holders, large storage bins, and a bunch of porcelain Christmas figures. I was 7 months pregnant at the time and managed to pretty much play Tetris putting EVERYTHING in the car and in my trunk. It was hard work but I got it done!

This jumpstarted my reselling on Facebook Market. When I tell you I had HUNDREDS of ornaments to go through, I’m talking close to 600-700 of them to go through and separate into color sets. I started taking pictures, writing descriptions and listing that very same day. The following week I had already sold several sets of ornaments (both in person pick-ups and shipping!) and received several offers for the 9-foot Christmas tree. Another $300 in my pocket right there and there was still SO MUCH product to got through and take pictures to list immediately. Months later, I still have a bunch of Christmas decoration left to sell because I didn’t get to list it all in time for Christmas.

All these items sold from what I received for free from that lady basically created my commerce profile on Facebook Market. I have built a reputation for myself on there having joined several selling groups in my area as well as asking my buyers for ratings after the sale has gone through. I’m glad I have been diligent asking for ratings because I know a lot of people will only choose to buy products from a trusted seller instead of a person who has little to no ratings!

It irritates me seeing the 4.5 stars as my rating because just a week ago I had a 5-star rating that had been there for months, but someone recently got mad about a shipped order they received in Florida for a description she did not read. She claimed I was a scammer because of how small the product was, how she proceeded to report me to Facebook, and so on and so forth. However, I put the measurements in the description and posted several detailed pictures from all different angles. So while I refunded her money back because I did not want anymore issues, she still gave me a bad rating. I’m over it now, but I just look at this as a rite of passage I guess every person in the business has to go through- people ordering things without reading the description thoroughly or not looking at the pictures posted closely enough.

Anyways, this is the beginning of my journey in the secondhand market. Using apps like Facebook Market and OfferUp has made me a good chunk of cash from home during the last stage of my pregnancy and my daughter’s first month of life! I even received orders for product once while in the hospital during labor and again during my postpartum hospital stay. I just put it on my to-do list after getting home from the hospital to pack it up and send Cesar to drop it off for me at the post office. There are several other things about the business and its logistics that need to be explored of course. It’s been a good start to my business so far, and I can’t wait to continue sharing more stories about it in the near future!

Thank you for reading, and I can’t wait for you to read the next Sique update this Sunday!

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