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Pictures by Megan Porter in Houston, TX (https://porterhouseportraits.mypixieset.com/)

Thank you for taking an interest in reading about our life as Siques. In this blog you will find stories about our journey to parenthood, student life, travel, owning a small business, and our Houston lifestyle. Although my husband will be “celebrity posting” from time to time, I will be the main author of this site. I hope you enjoy reading!

Who are the Siques?


Avery is our bright, bubbly baby girl born in November of 2020. She really likes being on her tummy and enjoys being talked to by just about anyone. She is the light of Cesar and I’s life. This blog was definitely inspired by all of my experiences being pregnant with her and raising her so far!


This is my husband Cesar. He is a project manager, new husband, new dad, and travel enthusiast. He is silly, yet serious and keeps me grounded. He is a huge family man and looks for every opportunity to keep the family involved with each other in all types of social activities. Aside from our daughter, he will be a huge part of this blog.


Hello! My name is Abigail, but I prefer to be called Abby. I am a new wife, new mom, a business owner, and a student pursuing nursing school. I love everything about motherhood. The entire process of being pregnant, birth, and mothering an infant. Did I mention that all these new roles were acquired during the Coronavirus pandemic? Read through our stories if you want to hear about how we made it through!

Also, check out my article on our pandemic pregnancy published in Love What Matters here! https://www.lovewhatmatters.com/when-i-got-the-call-i-fell-to-my-knees-one-more-day-i-just-need-to-make-it-one-more-day-to-get-this-baby-viable-woman-births-baby-after-covid-19-recovery-love/

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All the information found on the website is true to our life and completely authentic. If outside sources/content are used, appropriate credit will be given.